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Meet the Team

What is Haven Games? 
We are an independent game studio located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. All three of us live together and eat, sleep and breath games.  Most of our time is spent either ordering pizzas, or working on a local multiplayer couch-competitive game very seriously entitled Space Booty.


The Team:

George Degenkamp (Gamertag: jeo77)

An ex-pizza-delivery guy turned programmer, this code monkey is now head honcho of Haven Games. His days are generally spent cursing at other people’s code or trying to find decent sci-fi shows on Netflix. When asked about his favourite games, he yells: “Command & Conquer series in-cluding Renegade and Halo and XCOM”.

Kerem Balci (Gamertag: Perex)

One part coder, two parts Jedi – serve with a zealous dedication to all things PC gaming related. Born and raised playing games like Fallout 2, Diablo, and Sanitarium, Kerem moved to the city to carry out his childhood dreams of making kick-ass games worth playing.

Becca Seven (Gamertag: BokuNoSlam)

Responsible for making grown men break down and cry in countless Counterstrike matches, Becca is something between artist, gamer, and force of nature. When she’s not busy replacing George’s programmer art or broadcasting the Haven signal, she can be found wrecking as Jinx in League of Legends matches or reminding the house of our dwindling pizza supply. Her all-time-favourites include Shadow of the Colossus, Crash Bandicoot and Dolphin Olympics 2.

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  1. Iain Mackay

    Hello! I just met you all at EGL, and i love your game! Cant wait to see you again tomorrow!

    -Iain, older brother of morpheon.


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